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Snorkeling with dolphins on the island of Pico

Who doesn’t dream of meeting a dolphin underwater once in their lifetime, to be close to these wonderful animals, in the midst of their natural environment?
In order to fulfill this dream, you should be aware that visiting these wild animals takes place in the open ocean. Dolphins are free and not kept in captivity. You should be able to swim well and to handle a mask, snorkel and fins. The chances to meet dolphins are particularly great, if you are able to dive a few meters deep into the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The interest of the dolphins will be even stronger, since they are very curious.
The trained guides brief all participants before the departure of the boat, to prepare them for the contact with the animals. Dolphins are not always in the mood to be surrounded by humans, so it takes several attempts to get in touch with them. If dolphins are traveling with many babies, the animals feel disturbed and signal that they do not want to have any contact. This must be respected.
Taking wind, weather and animal behavior into consideration, you should plan more than one trip to the “realm” of the dolphins. You also might need some time to lose the fear of the deep blue ocean, which at times is up to 3000 meters deep when you meet the dolphins.
Azorean laws determine that a maximum of 2 people may stay in the water at the same time. The organizer specifies that all participants must be equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins. Just swimming without equipment is not permitted. It is about sustainable nature observation, in which the animals are disturbed as little as possible.

Swimming with dolphins

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Azoren_fliegende Fleckendelfine_Pico
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​Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen über Wasser_Pico
​Azoren_Delfine über Wasser_Pico
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Azoren_Boot mit Großer Tümmler_Pico
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen 2_Pico
Azoren_Boot zur Walbeobachtung_Pico
Azoren_Boot zur Walbeobachtung_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_fliegende Fleckendelfine_Pico
Azoren_fliegende Fleckendelfine_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Schwanzfluke_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen_Pico
​Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen über Wasser_Pico
​Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen über Wasser_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Delfine über Wasser_Pico
​Azoren_Delfine über Wasser_Pico © Pico Sport
​Azoren_Delfinporträt_Pico © Pico Sport
​Azoren_Blauwalrücken_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Blauwalrücken 2_Pico
Azoren_Blauwalrücken 2_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Boot mit Großer Tümmler_Pico
Azoren_Boot mit Großer Tümmler_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Pilotwale_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen 2_Pico
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Delfinen 2_Pico © Pico Sport