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About us

Learn more about vista verde azores, our philosophy and our team

About us - vista verde azores


Many too late realize
life's missed goals...
Joy, beauty of nature,
health, travel and culture
Be wise in time
It's about time to travel!

Even the German poet Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) was aware of the importance of travelling. Up to today, the content of his words has not changed. Travel with vista verde azores! Discover and enjoy with us the beauties and treasures of the Azores island paradise! We are an incoming agency in the Azores under German management, now with more than 11 years experience on-site. As a responsible and committed travel agency, we follow the idea of socially and environmentally responsible tourism and pay attention to sustainability in our work. Through our activities we support local projects on-site, we also carefully select our local partners. We are the incoming agency for something special in Europe's TOP Eco-Destination! Our center of life is on the island of Pico, one of the islands of the central group. We have chosen Pico as our adopted home, but, of course, we are familiar with all 9 islands of the archipelago and also find them beautiful in their own way. 

Our philosophy

We represent the corporate philosophy of environmentally sustainable tourism. Socially responsible travel is just as important to us as the environment-friendly implementation of our travel concepts. This includes the participation of the local population in the economic benefits, because many people in the archipelago live off tourism, as owners of guesthouses, as taxi drivers or restaurant owners, for example. Of course, sustainability is not only defined by appropriate behavior and meaningful actions, the agencies and tour operators also utilize the opportunity for all travel destinations. So we kindly ask our guests to choose local products and services, respect the local cultures and traditions and be careful with the flora and fauna. Also not to throw waste into the sea or leave any garbage behind, to avoid wasting information leaflets. Utilize ferry boats for inter-island trips between Pico, Faial and São Jorge, as these pollute the environment less than airplanes. Please take nothing back home from the islands except your photos, memories and purchases; leave nothing there except your footprints! The environment will thank you!

Our team

As Managing Director I would like to introduce myself, Tanja Hausmann. I have been living in the Azores for some time now, these islands have become a second home for me besides Germany. So I know the islands very well. In particular the Central Islands, which are grouped around "my" island of Pico, are my living and working space. The love for untouched nature and the sea, along with most of its inhabitants, as well as the professional challenge attracted me magically after spending some years on the Cape Verde Islands while working for our partner company vista verde tours. While living here and speaking the Portuguese language, I can better serve our clients with the expertise and greater knowledge.
I can assist you in creating your dream trip, an individual journey, group excursions, travel modules or a variety of activities! To all tour operators and travel agencies, are you interested in a long-term cooperation and partnership. Please send me an email or fill in the contact form. Please advise which method would better suit you to be contacted, i.e. via phone, email, or video chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tanja Hausmann - Managing Director
Erfurterstrasse 23
44143 Dortmund
Telephone: 0049 231 - 226186 98
Fax: 0049 231 - 226186 99
Email: or

Our creative team consists of the following, our partner company in Cape Verde, vista verde tours. The owner, Heike Alter, has supported, guided and advised me through the years. Along with support from my colleagues in Germany, such as the highly recommendable tour operator Reisen mit Sinnen (Journeys with Senses) with its co-owner Marion Heider. I am also able to draw on a great local team. During the high season, I am always supported by an intern from Germany, whether it’s a compulsory internship while studying tourism or out of curiosity and interest. As well as during or after graduation, every year we have motivated young people here who enrich us! Freelancers are part of our team as well, mostly Germans who like me live in the Azores and form a pool of highly qualified insider tour guides, who passionately lead groups throughout the islands.

Yours truly,
Tanja Hausmann
Island of Pico, Azores 2023

Our special strengths

Why should you choose to travel with us? We can provide what big travel agencies are not able to provide: a journey that is completely tailored to your needs. Let us know your wishes and dreams and we can choose proper accommodations, activities and islands according to your specific preferences. It can be individually tailored for you. We can organize a journey with transfers and a travel companion for various excursions, if you wish not to rent a car. Private whale watching tours are available. We personally know our local partners and can also charter a private boat. Contact us and you will see that everything and anything is possible.
The Azores are a destination where travel can be tailored to the individual and or group. Our particular strengths are the creation and implementation of high quality and exciting travel programs for groups and individual travelers. We are happy to meet the challenge of looking after demanding customers and partners who wish for more than the usual. Whether overnight stays, fully elaborated round trips with excursion and hiking programs, theme modules and activities can be organized.
One of our priorities is the promotion of rural tourism, in Portuguese called Turismo Rural. Most of these accommodations are in traditional, restored stone homes (adegas) in formerly abandoned villages (aldeias). These adegas provide enormous peace, tranquility and great views. This form of tourism is part of our corporate philosophy of environmentally sustainable tourism.