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Car rentals

Traveling by car is one of the most convenient ways of traveling. You can navigate throughout the islands more independently. Most travelers choose this option, since most countryside accommodations are often situated outside of the larger towns or even in the midst of nature. In comparison to many other European holiday destinations, however, car rental is not exactly cheap, which is due to the long and expensive import routes of the cars. The roads in the Azores generally are in a good condition. Many have been repaired in recent years with funds from the European Union. The fuel prices are comparable to those of Central Europe.

Caution is advised in the evenings and at night. Many Azoreans turn on their lights only in absolute darkness, tractor drivers often don’t turn on their lights at all.

If you want to combine rental car with hiking, it should be noted that there are only a few circular trails in the Azores. Most of the official trails do not end at the starting point. In this case, you should allow for a certain budget for taxi rides to get back to your car. We are happy to organize hiking transfers for you, in addition to your rental car, that bring you to the starting points of a hike.