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Hotel Caravelas

4 star hotel on the island of Pico / Madalena
The Hotel Caravelas is situated in the centre of the main town of Madalena, opposite the ferry boat terminal. The well managed 4 star-hotel reveals a wonderful view at the channel between the islands of Pico and Faial. Its location provides a good starting point to explore the island.


Refúgio do Pico

Holiday houses on the island of Pico / Prainha
The holiday resort Refúgio do Pico, situated at the north coast of Pico, was only opened in 2012. It’s located in a peaceful and quiet environment, just above the picturesque village of Prainha. The spacious and terraced property is owned by a German couple.


Aldeia da Fonte

4 star nature hotel on the island of Pico / nearby Lajes 
The beautiful 4-star nature hotel is located on the south coast of the island of Pico and consists of individual volcano rock houses with different types of rooms. The houses are embedded in a spacious and well-kept garden.



Guest house on the island of Pico near Madalena (Criação Velha)
This family-run guest house is located close by Madalena, the main town of Pico and provides a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. Enjoy the spectacular views of Faial island, the Pico mountain and the wine fields of the island, classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Calma do Mar

Pension on the island of Pico / Madalena
This clean and cozy guesthouse is situated in Madalena, the main town of the island of Pico. It provides a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


Villa 4 Seasons

Holiday homes on the island of Pico / São Roque
The two traditional-style holiday houses, built only in August 2014, are located in the village of São Roque on the north coast of the island of Pico. The houses provide a wonderful view of the village, the ocean and the neighboring island.


Quinta das Buganvilias

Countryside pension on the island of Faial / Castelo Branco
The tastefully equipped guesthouse, Quinta das Buganvílias, transfers its guests back into the everyday life of a peasant family in the middle of the 20th century, by using loving details from that time.


Vila Belgica

Countryside pension on the island of Faial / at the edge of Horta
The small guesthouse Vila Bélgica is situated on the so-called hill of Lomba. This is a very quiet area, just a 5 minute drive or a 30 minute walk from the main town of Horta. A roof terrace, which can be used by all guests, provides one of the most beautiful views of the island of Faial.


Quinta do Vale

Countryside pension on the island of Faial / Flamengos
The charming country house Quinta do Vale is located about 3 km outside the main town of Horta in the idyllic village of Flamengos. The owners take care of the accommodation in a family-like manner since the summer of 2003. The Quinta is ideal for those seeking rest and recreation.


Hotel do Canal

4 star hotel on the island of Faial / Horta
The comfortable 4-star Hotel do Canal is situated in a fantastic location right at the harbor. It provides breathtaking views of the marina promenade as well as the Pico Mountain, which is the highest mountain of Portugal. Equipped with many items from the world of seafaring, the interior of the boutique hotel is based the history of the island.

São Miguel

Hotel Talisman

4-star hotel on the island of São Miguel / Ponta Delgada
This charming 4 star hotel is located in the historic, main town of São Miguel, Ponta Delgada. Situated next to a small, idyllic park, it blends tradition and modernity with a small pool on the roof terrace. 

São Miguel

Hotel do Colégio

4-star hotel on the island of São Miguel / Ponta Delgada
This 4-star hotel is located in the historic center of Ponta Delgada, in a stylishly renovated 19th century building with a small pool. It offers a mix of tradition and modernity and has a restaurant known for its first class cuisine.

São Miguel

Hotel Vista do Vale

Charming hotel on the island of São Miguel / Furnas
In the village of Furnas, this lovely family-run small hotel awaits you. From this cozy and quiet location you can enjoy an impressive view of the village and the valley.

São Miguel

Hotel Vila Nova

3 star hotel on the island of São Miguel / Ponta Delgada
The 3 star hotel My Story Hotel Vila Nova is located in the main town of Ponta Delgada, on the edge of the old town. All the sights of the city are within easy walking distance.

São Miguel

Quinta da Abelheira

Stylish country house pension on the island of São Miguel / suburb of Ponta Delgada
The former estate "Quinta da Abelheira" is a charming property. Anyone looking for peace and relaxation in a familiar, traditional and stylish environment is in good hands in the "Quinta da Abelheira". A lovely place!

São Miguel

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

​4-star hotel on the island of São Miguel / Furnas
The 4-star hotel Terra Nostra Garden on the island of São Miguel was first opened as a spa hotel in 1935. It’s located in the mystical Valley of Furnas, surrounded by craters, thermal and mineral springs. An exclusive oasis; nature, charm, tradition, comfort and wellbeing.

São Miguel

Quinta Altamira

Holiday cottages on the island of São Miguel / Caloura (Àgua de Pau)
The Quinta Altamira, a property with individual holiday homes, is located in the picturesque village of Caloura on the south coast of São Miguel. Caloura is characterized by larger properties, summer residences and also by calmness and tranquility.

São Miguel

Hotel Alcides

City pension / small city hotel on the island of São Miguel / Ponta Delgada
The small, well-kept hotel / city pension is located in a narrow side street in the center of the old town of Ponta Delgada. This modest accommodation is ideal for price-conscious travelers, who prefer to stay in the city.


Hotel do Caracol

4 star hotel on the island of Terceira / Angra do Heroísmo
The modern 4-star hotel is located on the western edge of Angra do Heroísmo and has direct access to the ocean (swimming area). From the spacious wooden terrace experience a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.