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The range of accommodations in the Azores varies enormously from island to island. Hotels are mainly located in the center of town on the islands. Most hotels are open all year round. Country houses, also called Adegas are located in the countryside. Turismo Rural (rural tourism) plays a major role in the Azores where homes have been passed down for many generations. It is the most authentic form of an Azorean vacation. The following islands host the majority of accommodations: São Miguel, Terceira, Faial and Pico. We are well aquainted with all the hotels and individual properties. We have been working very closely with all of the islands regarding the best prices for all our packages.  Low season begins from November until the end of March. Midseason starts from April and May along with October and high season from June until September. We are open to all suggestions regarding other properties that are not found here on our website that you maybe interested in. We can fulfill any and all your needs no matter what time of the year.

São Miguel

Biggest and green island: São Miguel

Visit the main island of the Azores with its capital Ponta Delgada - the crater lakes at Sete Cidades - the spa town of Furnas

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The island with the big volcano: Pico

Discover the island of the whales - the highest mountain of Portugal - UNESCO nominated vineyards - the longest lava cave Gruta das Torres

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The island with the New Land: Faial

Explore the island of Faial with its capital Horta - Peter Café Sport - Transatlantic stopover - Caldeira - New Land Capelinhos

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São Jorge

Dragon island with fajãs: São Jorge

Hike the island of São Jorge - steep cliffs with shallow fajãs - picturesque main town of Velas - the only coffee farmer in Western Europe

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Island with Renaissance town: Terceira

UNESCO World Heritage town Angra do Héroismo with cathedral - bullfighting Tourada à Corda - cave Algar do Carvão

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Island of many beautiful flowers: Flores

Enchanted nature - breathtaking waterfalls - westernmost point of Europe - large variety of flowers - bar-shaped cliffs

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Graceful island with sulfur cave: Graciosa

The most contemplative island in the Azores' central group -  cave Furna do Enxofre - windmills - Caldeira - thermal baths

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Santa Maria

Oldest island with white sand beaches: Santa Maria

Paradise for divers and surfers - romantic sandy beaches - most hours of sunshine - music festival Maré de Agosto in the summer

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Smallest island with big crater: Corvo

Impressive gigantic crater - sleepy village - more cows than inhabitants - northernmost island of the Azores - popular amongst birdwatchers

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