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Snorkeling with Mantas / Mobulas

The Princess Alice Bank is one of the rarest places on earth to snorkel with Manta or Mobula rays. The animals swim here on the surface and welcome the boats already on arrival. With a wingspan of 4 meters these giants glide up to the snorkelers, a sublime feeling. At 50 meters visibility and 100 km from the nearest coast, it is a privilege to get this glimpse into Neptune's kingdom. Often there are schools of fish watching, such as Barracudas, Bonitos, Wahoo, Amber Mackerels and many more.

The drive to Princess Alice is an adventure. On the way it often happens that marine mammals are spotted and accompany the boat.
The journey takes 2.5 hours to get there.
The entire trip takes about 7 hours.
The excursion is only possible in the best weather conditions, buffer days should be considered.

The participants should be good snorkelers and have good health conditions.
Sufficient water and light food should be carried. Good sun protection is absolutely necessary.

Snorkeling with Mantas/Mobulas

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Azoren_Schnorchler mit Manta_Pico
Azoren_viele Mantas_Pico
Azoren_Mantas_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Manta_Pico
Azoren_Schnorchler mit Manta_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_Manta_Pico © Pico Sport
Azoren_viele Mantas_Pico
Azoren_viele Mantas_Pico © Pico Sport