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São Jorge

Guided hikes on São Jorge

Guided hikes on São Jorge from/ to Calheta
Hiking trails offer an excellent opportunity to explore everything around us with various senses. The island of São Jorge, also called the Dragon Island, is characterized by steeply sloping coasts, a volcanic mountain ridge and shallow plains, called Fajãs.

São Jorge

Island tour on São Jorge

Jeep safari on São Jorge from / to accommodation in Velas
With the local company AvenTour you have the opportunity to explore the island of São Jorge in a jeep. Here you can enjoy exceptional views of forests, cliffs and the sea. You will not easily forget this kind of adventure. With the 4x4 vehicles you visit places that would not be accessible with "normal" cars...

São Jorge

Canyoning baptism on São Jorge

Canyoning baptism on São Jorge from/to Calheta
Canyoning combines caving and climbing techniques, which are practiced according to various safety rules. It`s not necessary to be trained in canyoning or adventure sports to take part in a "canyoning baptism". This program is aimed at those who have no previous experience with this sport.