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Corvo-Adventure: day trip from/to San

Day trip to the smallest island of the Azores: Corvo / from/to Santa Cruz on Flores
Discover the smallest island in the Azores on a guided full-day excursion.


Green wonders of the island of Flores: guided full-d

guided full-day adventure tour on the island of Flores from/to accommodation
Discover the natural beauty of the island of Flores with us on a guided full-day adventure tour.


Hiking along waterways: guided half-d

Half-day guided hike on the island of Flores from/to accommodation
Let yourself be whisked away on an exciting tour along important waterways on the island of Flores.


Delicacies of the island of Flores: c

Guided culinary tour including a small walk on the island of Flores from/to accommodation
This tour promises delights for literally all the senses, so get ready for a "delicious" day!


Guided hike on Faial around the Caldeira

Circular hike around the "Caldeira" - guided hike from/to Horta
This guided circular hike starts at a beautiful lookout point and always leads along the edge of the collapse crater, the "Caldeira". The easily accessible, approx. 8 km long hiking trail offers magnificent views of the coastal sections of the island of Faial and the neighboring islands.


Half-day and full-day jeep tours on Faial

Half and full day island tours by jeep or minibus / Faial Island
The half-day or full-day jeep tours on Faial offer adventure rides in a comfortable vehicle on four powerful wheels. Our jeeps manage paths with ease that are impassable for normal cars, rocking and jolting inclusive. Discover places that you would have difficulty finding on your own.

São Miguel

Coasteering Experience on São Miguel: adventures

guided Coasteering-tours from/to Lagoa
On the adventure exploration, you will always move along the coastline, climb, snorkel, swim, admire the seabed with its fauna and flora and jump from rocks into the crystal-clear sea water.

São Miguel

Canyoning for beginners and advanced on São Miguel

guided Canyoning tours for beginners and advanced on São Miguel
Explore the picturesque watercourses, the so-called “canyons” of the island of São Miguel in an adventurous way. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere of the lush, subtropical vegetation and its waterways with crystal-clear spring water from the mountain regions.

São Miguel

Snorkeling on São Miguel

Snorkeling trip from/to Vila Franca do Campo
Leave the solid ground beneath your feet and embark on an exciting journey to explore the wonderful world below the surface of the water. Explore the marine fauna and flora in the magical, crystal-clear Atlantic ocean accompanied by a certified guide.


guided hike along the "Levada"

guided hike on Faial from/to Horta
Let yourself be enchanted by a hike along the so-called "Levada", an abandoned water course surrounded by lush nature. The path leads along large trees, lined with all kinds of grasses and bushes and impresses with its many different shades of green.


full-day Themed Tours on the island of Faial

full day Themed Tours by minibus / island of Faial
Explore the island of Faial on four wheels with expert guidance. Be enchanted by the beauty of the island and discover places that you would have difficulty finding on your own. Different thematic focuses offer insights into very special aspects of the island`s life and its history.


guided half-day walking tour of Horta- experience history

guided half-day walking tour of Horta: experience history / island of Faial
This half-day tour lasts around 3-4 hours and takes you through the streets of the charming town of Horta. Not only will you learn about the history of the town and its main sights, but you will also get to see some lesser-known, hidden places.