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Base Peter Zee - Whale Watching on Faial

Whale watching on the island of Faial - from/to Horta
Because we love people, the ocean and whales, we offer you a whale watching trip in a comfortable and safe boat where you can move freely. Go on an unforgettable expedition with the local agency Base Peter Zee (Peter Café Sport) and experience an exciting adventure.

São Miguel

Whale watching and swimming with dolphins in São Miguel

​Whale watching - from/to Vila Franca do Campo
Swimming with dolphins - from/to Vila Franca do Campo
Are you ready for an expedition out to sea to watch dolphins or spot whales? The local company Terra Azul offers you an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a beautiful tour and learn more about sea creatures. Or would you like to swim and snorkel with dolphins in the vast ocean?


Whale watching and swimming with dolphins on Faial

Whale watching and Swimming with dolphins from/to Horta
Are you ready for an excursion to the open ocean to watch dolphins or spot whales? Enjoy a wonderful tour and learn more about marine species, accompanied by a marine biologist. Or maybe you are tempted to jump into the water to the dolphins and snorkel with them.


Descent into the giant crater of Faial

guided descent into the Caldeira of Faial
The descent into the giant crater of Faial is one of the Azores' most hidden and well-kept secrets. With an experienced and licensed nature guide, you descend 400 m into the Caldeira and experience a landscape like Jurassic Park.

São Miguel

Island tours on São Miguel

Various full-day island tours on São Miguel from/to Ponta Delgada
You`d like to explore the natural beauty of São Miguel without a rental car? go for a guided island tour with us. An English-speaking guide not only shows you the most charismatic places on the main island of the Azores, but also adapts the tour to your individual wishes and needs.


full-day secret lagoons & caves jeep tour

Secret lagoons & caves jeep tour on the island of Pico - from/to Madalena
Be enchanted by the uniquely beautiful landscape on the so-called Achada plateau on the island of Pico. This environment is characterized by volcanic craters of various sizes, which have contributed to the formation of the island. In some of these extinct craters picturesque lagoons have formed due to accumulation of rainwater.


Pico overnight climb

Pico Mountain overnight climb - from/to Madalena
Get ready for the great adventure of spending a night in the crater of the Pico volcano. The ascent to the peak of the Pico Mountain, the highest peak in Portugal, will take place in the glow of the setting sun. In good weather, an incomparably beautiful sunset with the most beautiful colors and shades will accompany our ascent.

São Jorge

Canyoning baptism on São Jorge

Canyoning baptism on São Jorge from/to Calheta
Canyoning combines caving and climbing techniques, which are practiced according to various safety rules. It`s not necessary to be trained in canyoning or adventure sports to take part in a "canyoning baptism". This program is aimed at those who have no previous experience with this sport.


half-day guided bike tour through the UNESCO

guided half-day bike tour through historic vinyards on the island of Pico
On this guided half-day bike tour all about wine, you will feel like you are traveling back in time. On the approx. 20 km route, you will cycle through historic UNESCO World Heritage vineyards and historic wine villages with wine cellars ("adegas"), historic wine presses and distilleries.