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Pico day climb

Climb of the Pico mountain on the island of Pico - from / to Casa da Montanha
Pico Mountain, 2,351 meters, is the highest mountain in Portugal and is the most unique experience. The volcano towers majestically over the island as if it was guarding it.


guided hikes on Terceira

Guided hikes on Terceira from/ to accommodation
Traveling on foot is the most natural way to get to know your surroundings. Off the paved roads and places where everyone else is traveling, Terceira’s trails offer a unique perspective of the island. Its magic and beauty await you.


Sea kayak tours on Terceira

Sea kayak tour for beginners from / to accommodation
Sea kayak tour on the southeast coast from to accommodation
The probably most widespread way to get to know the Azores is to walk on foot in the beautiful nature. But what about seeing the beauty from the water, a perspective that is very different? These wonderful sea kayaking tours are ideal for this.


geführte Fahrradtouren auf Terceira

​geführte Fahrradtour: das Zentrum der Insel (ab/bis Unterkunft)
geführte Fahrradtour: Darwin auf Terceira (ab/bis Unterkunft)
Begeben Sie sich auf den Rücken eines Drahtesels und entdecken Sie alte Pfade durch Obstwiesen, Wege durch einen Lorbeerwald oder kleine Straßen durch landwirtschaftlich genutztes Gebiet. Terceira per Rad zu erleben, ist einmalig.


Inselrundfahrt Terceira: rund um die Insel auf unbekannten Wegen

geführte Inselrundfahrt ab/bis Unterkunft
Auf der Tour rund um die Insel werden Ihnen von Insidern seltene versteckte Orte gezeigt. Sie dürfen somit die Möglichkeit genießen, die Insel auf eine ganz andere Art und Weise kennen zu lernen. Es geht die Küste entlang und ins Inneres eines Vulkans - entdecken Sie die Geheimnisse von Terceira.

São Miguel

Whale watching and Swimming with dolphins on São Miguel

Whale watching - from/to harbour Ponta Delgada
Snorkeling with dolphins from/to harbour Ponta Delgada
The Azores are among the best places in the world to spot whales and dolphins. Let us take you into the world of marine mammals. Who does not dream to be close to these wonderful animals once in a lifetime.

São Miguel

guided hikes on the island of São Miguel

guided hikes from/ to accommodation in Ponta Delgada
Every hike on São Miguel is recommendable, because you will get impressions that you do not get when you go by car. Many beautiful places in the Azores can only be experienced on foot.

São Miguel

Jeep safari on São Miguel; Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo

guided jeep tour Sete Cidades und Lagoa do Fogo
Explore the beautiful spots on the island of São Miguel in a jeep and marvel at yet hidden places. 


Lusitano horse-trekking on Faial

Horse-trekking for beginners on the island of Faial / Cedros
Let yourself be introduced to the world of four-legged friends and experience a trip on gentle Lusitano horses, accompanied by an English-speaking guide. No riding experience is necessary.


Full or half-day Lusitano horse-trekking on Faial

Half day or full day riding excursion for experienced riders on the island of Faial / Cedros
The riding excursions for experienced riders on Faial provide a unique experience. What could be better than discovering the island on the back of a horse? Enjoy the experience, accompanied by an English-speaking guide.


Canyoning baptism on Flores

Canyoning baptism on Flores from/to Santa Cruz
Canyoning is a unique way to explore the island's nature, hidden from most others. You will participate in the "canyoning baptism", which is especially intended for absolute newbies of this sport.

São Jorge

Guided hikes on São Jorge

Guided hikes on São Jorge from/ to Calheta
Hiking trails offer an excellent opportunity to explore everything around us with various senses. The island of São Jorge, also called the Dragon Island, is characterized by steeply sloping coasts, a volcanic mountain ridge and shallow plains, called Fajãs.

São Miguel

Golfen auf São Miguel

Aufgrund der Verbreitung des Golfstroms bis hin zum nördlichen Atlantik, genießen die Azoren das ganze Jahr über perfekte Bedingungen zum Golfspielen und bieten damit unseren Besuchern einzigartige Championship-Kurse für Liebhaber des Golfsports. Noch sind die Azoren ein Geheimtipp unter Golfern, aber das wird sich sicher bald ändern.


Espaço Talassa - whale watching on Pico

Whale watching on the island of Pico - from / to Lajes
The Azores are among the best places in the world to spot whales and dolphins. Let us take you into the world of marine mammals.